Advanced Energy Group Thinking Big on Long Island

Advanced Energy Group has recently completed the installation of a 20 kW residential, grid-tie PV system in Huntington, New York on Long Island.

Long Island, New York – October 3, 2002 [] Carl McLellan, Director of Operations for the Texas-based nationwide supplier of Renewable Energy systems said that environmental considerations are no longer the main reason for investments in Renewable Energy. It’s now making sound business sense to invest in Renewable Energy. “When we can get cash invested in our technology and show a substantial return that is attractive to cautious investors, it’s a tremendous boost to our industry,” said McClellan. The home in Huntington, is owned by a financial planner who will speak about the economic sense of his investment – especially considering incentives from the Long Island Power Authority (LIPA) – at a future energy conference. From private homeowners, to powerful investors, the fiscal returns from PV traditionally took years to reach profitability. Advances in PV and the rising costs of electricity have made PV systems profitable within 60 months. “There’s a limit to what many will do to help the environment,” McClellan said. “However, if we can take a home on Long Island averaging US$300 per month in electric utility costs and eliminate that bill with a net out-of-pocket cost of around US$18,000 for a 10 kW system, then we make it so attractive that even if a homeowner doesn’t care one iota about the environment they still want to do it because it makes them a substantial cash profit. This is ultimately good for our planet and our industry.” Advanced Energy Group formed a strategic alliance with Synergy Planning Corp. and Planning Financial Futures Inc. on Long Island, New York to bring the technology to the table as a viable, risk free alternative to other investments. “If it makes sense in New York to an investor, then it can make sense everywhere,” McClellan said. McClellan acknowledged the cash buy-down program provided by Keyspan and LIPA on Long Island of US$5/watt and says that it will continue to effectively match incentives by providing the lowest possible “move in” costs while still ensuring the highest level of equipment quality and professional services to its customers. The company has already completed two 10 kW in addition to the 20 kW grid tie residential PV system on Long Island and has commitments for over 100 kW. The 20 kW system uses 168, 120W AstroPower modules but AEG works with other PV manufacturers including Shell Renewables and Siemens Solar. “We’re delivering complete turn-key systems,” McClellen said. “Our systems include the full-blown communications package. PC data logging and remote capabilities with Sunny Boy inverters. We’re giving them the state of the art.”
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