Abengoa Solar Has 193 MW of CSP in Operation

The Spanish CSP developer Abengoa Solar just announced that it has 193 MW of projects generating electricity in Spain. The company’s newest plant, the 50-MW Solnova 4, came online this week near Seville.

Abengoa Solar has another 350 MW of parabolic troughs under construction, as well as plans for two large plants in the U.S. that are in the early phases of development. Technologies developed and tested by Abengoa Solar in its plants in Spain will be used by the company in its projects in the United States.

The Solnova 4 plant uses a parabolic trough technology developed by Abengoa Solar, that includes significant design enhancements, according to the company. With its 50 MW of power, the new Solnova 4 solar station will generate enough clean energy to meet the electricity needs of 25,700 homes. Solnova 4 consists of approximately 3,200,000 square feet of mirrors that cover an area of about 280 acres.


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