A Report That Will Help End Solar Confusion for Consumers

          Many people are “going green” but don’t have enough information to feel secure in actually making the switch to solar energy.  Solar energy is still a relatively new technology, so like anything new it needs credibility to increase the comfort with the buying decision. Without recommendations or a strong understanding of what to expect from a PV system, the buying process can be intimidating and confusing.  Fortunately, there is a tool to end this confusion and intimidation.  SolarTech,  a non profit organization, created a tool that compares solar systems’ energy production, just like the MPG rating for a car.  This will be the standard energy rating of the solar industry.  The Solar Energy Estimate Report (SEE Report) was designed for the consumer; it is the key that links solar companies together to give honest measurements of the energy output for any residential solar system.  Best of all, the SEE Report is easy to understand.
            The SEE Report is a standardized energy output calculation that utilizes customized information based on the location and the home.  This report gives a total kilowatt output production for the first year of use, and the 25 year kilowatt output estimate to easily see the pay-off in the future.  The SEE Report is a simple one-page visual enhanced with a bar graph of the first year’s energy output by month for you to quickly recognize the system’s capability.  This easy-to-understand report has the installer’s information and data inputs for you to keep and compare with estimates from other companies.  The built-in assumptions give you one frame of reference from one solar company to the next.  The SEE Report creates transparency between the solar companies and the consumer; eliminating the insecurities that used to be present while solar shopping; now it is easy to see which solar system will be the best for you.
            With the SEE Report created and now ready to use, the solar companies will have no choice but to let consumers in on all their plans.  Regular shoppers will have more purchasing power and more confidence when looking for solar panels.  Imagine not feeling intimidated when talking to solar companies because the SEE Report will give a clear answer.  The power is in the shopper’s hands because this tool allows us to compare the kilowatt estimates from different solar companies based on the SEE Report’s output rating.  The SEE Report’s purpose is to allow the shopper to make the best decision so they can start benefiting from solar energy faster!
            The SEE Report is out there now and itching to be utilized.  Installers and solar companies will continue in their usual quoting routines unless the SEE Report demand is created by consumers everywhere.  Just like the MPG rating that comes with every car, the SEE Report must come with every solar estimate.  All that needs to happen is for you to ask for the SEE Report.  There is no cost to use it, and companies will want to provide you with the best service they can, so start taking your place in the solar world and ask for the SEE Report.
            To see an example of the SEE Report and for more information please visit www.theSEEreport.org.
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