5 MW Solar-Tracking PV Plant Helps Spain’s Energy Plan

A 5 MW solar tracking PV plant with a total surface exceeding 3.5 million sq. ft. using 500 2-axis solar trackers will be installed in Caravaca de la Cruz (population: 22,880) in Murcia, Spain by Soltec Energias Renovables.

Each tracker will have 10 KWp and a surface of more than 800 sq. ft., the total modules’ surface to be more than 400,000 sq. ft. To minimize losses, one three-phase central inverter will be installed per tracker, all connecting to a RS-485 net. The design of the trackers and plant layout have been optimized to achieve a 40 to 45 percent energy increase compared with a fixed module classical PV plant. Electric energy will be transported by a 20 KV line using five 1250 KVA 400/20,000 V transformers (one per MW). The plant construction, scheduled to be finished in 2008, will take place in two phases (2 and 3 MW). This 5 MW will help achieve the Spanish government’s new renewable energy plan for 400 MW for 2010.
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