5 kW Grid-Tie Solar Inverter Launched

Sustainable Energy Technologies, a Canadian developer of power electronics for renewable energy applications, announced the launch of “SUNERGY 5”, a wall-mounted 5kW inverter for the grid-connected North American solar power market.

Las Vegas, Nevada – March 9, 2004 [SolarAccess.com] The SUNERGY 5 incorporates Sustainable Energy’s patented “pulse step” power inverter platform, which offers an improvement over conventional pulse width modulation inverters in terms of reliability and efficiency, according to the company. First developed for the stationary fuel cell industry, the power inverter platform is scalable and will support multiple product offerings for the emerging distributed generation industry. Designed from the ground up for high reliability, the inverter platform has a proven record for superior thermal performance and high efficiency, said Sustainable Energy Technologies. The platform has undergone extensive testing and field trials as part of fuel cell demonstrations in North America, Europe and Japan. “Our unique approach to power conversion meets the industry’s need for a very efficient, highly reliable power electronics package that can be manufactured in high volumes at very low cost for multiple product applications,” said Brent Harris P. Eng, Director of Product Development. “Component supply chain and contract manufacturing relationships are established, and the first commercial units will undergo testing by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and potential customers later this month.” Sustainable Energy said their SUNERGY 5 also features: – Remarkably low component count enabling investment where reliability counts; – True power level trigger with sunrise/sunset control logic which determines when to connect and disconnect through measurement of the actual power available; – Digital Signal Processor (DSP) for sophisticated control algorithms; – Easy to install with accessible field interface and easy wall mounting; – 10-year standard warranty.
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