3S Swiss Solar Systems Delivers First Turnkey Solar Production Line

3S Swiss Solar Systems AG has announced that it has handed over a semi-automatic production line to Spanish company Eurener Energia Solar. 3S Swiss Solar Systems AG entered the semi-automatic solar production line business in March of this year.

Eurener Energia Solar, has been manufacturing  since 2006 on a manual 3S production line. In order to expand their output, the company has now installed the semi-automatic 20-megawatt line comprised of an automatic string soldering station from Somont, a laminating line from 3S Swiss Solar Systems and a module tester from Pasan. 3S said that its next line will be delivered to a customer in India.

“The new line is completely tailored to the specific needs of our customer,” said Patrick Hofer-Noser 3S’ CEO. “We plan and build our production lines in such a way that the module producers obtain the optimal degree of automation for their needs.”

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