374,000 Megawatts of Solar Energy to Homes Near You

Renewable Energy is the solution to eliminate the burning of fossil fuels. It might only be part of a bigger initiative to make our planet a better place to live, but it is a step in a path to a better tomorrow. There has been a recent rash of negative news regarding solar energy, but I think it is normal growth pains of an industry poised to explode and help form a cleaner, healthier world. 

Solar Strong!

With all the recent negative publicity on solar energy, Solar Strong has made a commitment to provide 374 Megawatts of solar panels for the United States. Solar panels will now span 160,000 homes and military bases across 33 states. The $344 Million dollar loan guarantee from the U.S. will set aim on doubling the number of solar panels on homes across America. Many consumers were seeing the beginning of the end for the solar industry with many government incentives falling by the wayside, and the bankruptcy of solar panel giant Solyndra. I believe however the recent events are the natural occurrences you can expect from a growing industry during its infancy, survival of the fittest.  

Solar Strong can begin to stem the tide of fossil fuels, Solar City will make a huge statement with this Solar Strong Initiative. Solar panels are very beneficial, and by installing these products in 160,000 homes Solar City is telling consumers that solar panels are superior to fossil fuels and standing by their product by providing a nationwide demo, while making the planet a cleaner, healthier place to live. Bank of America has recently stepped in the rink and agreed to pay for one third of the project. Solar Strong will demonstrate to over 200,000 people the benefits of solar energy. 

Negative Publicity

Consumers are being more wary in regards to solar panels in regard to the rash of recent negative solar industry news. We as consumers cannot blame an entire industry for the failures of Solyndra. Solyndra made bad choices, and burned through all of their governments grants on their journey to bankruptcy. As is in any industry there will be massive companies that fail, and when moving into a new frontier or new industry it is truly the smartest, most adaptable companies that make it. Again, Survival of the fittest. 

The other massive bit of negative news on solar panels stems from governmental incentives not being renewed. This however is only a negative on the surface. If you dig down increases in solar technology has now made it possible to create cheaper more efficient solar panels. Therefore, the solar industry does not need as many incentives to convince consumers that the cost is worth the benefit. As the perceived value of solar panels increase and costs fall more consumers will begin to make the switch from fossil fuel to solar energy. 

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