$24M Dedicated to Reducing Cost of Concentrated Solar Thermal Technology

As part of a new funding package from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Solar Energy Technologies Office will put $24 million into research and development that will help the industry reach the DOE’s levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) targets for concentrated solar thermal (CSP) systems by 2030.

The DOE said that 21 projects will cover CSP concepts and solutions in support of those targets, which include $0.05/kWh for systems with more than 12 hours of onsite storage. The research will focus on advancing elements found in CSP subsystems, including collectors and thermal transport systems for advanced power cycles.

A total of $105.5 million in funding from the DOE in support of solar technologies also will cover 14 projects focused on technologies that enable seamless integration of solar energy onto the power grid; 28 projects focused on improving performance and reliability of solar PV technology; and 4 projects focused on solar workforce development.

Lead image credit: Z22 | CC BY-SA 4.0 | Wikimedia Commons

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