2008 Solar Perspectives Roundtable

This week, we’re podcasting from Solar Power International in San Diego, California. Stephen Lacey rounded up some influential industry executives who represent different areas of the supply chain and asked them about what they’re seeing in the industry today. The conversation provides an inside look at what companies are dealing with during these times of rapid and tumultuous growth.

Jonathan Pickering, Vice President of Marketing at Applied Materials talks about the equipment supply side of the industry; Ron Kenedi, Vice President of the Solar Energy Solutions Group at Sharp talks about the manufacturing space; and Aaron Hall, CEO of Borrego Solar, talks about business for installers in the U.S.

This roundtable was initially recorded at the REW.com studio on the floor of Solar Power International. Stay tuned for the video version of this roundtable next week. In the meantime, you can watch all kinds of video from the conference at our Solar Power Blog.

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