2005 Solar World Congress Underway

The International Solar Energy Society’s Solar World Congress returns to the U.S. this week for the first time since 1991. The event celebrates both the 50th Anniversary of ISES and the enormous growth in renewable energy use in recent years.

The conference and trade show for the solar energy industry is a collaboration between ISES and the American Solar Energy Society (ASES), the U.S. chapter of ISES. The congress will highlight the many advances in solar sciences in the 50 years since the first ISES congress took place in Phoenix, Arizona on November 1-5, 1955. Participants will also take a look ahead to the next 50 years in an effort to develop a vision of a sustainable energy future. Special events will acknowledge and honor the people, organizations and milestones in ISES history. The special theme of the congress focuses on global water issues: “Bringing Water to the World”. The congress will highlight the challenge of providing clean and convenient water to communities – a key issue in developing countries that is rapidly becoming a critical concern in industrialized parts of the world. Coincidentally, it also begins on the same day that President Bush is expected to sign a vast federal energy package into law that includes a two year, 30 percent investment tax credit for all forms of solar energy — the first such policy item in the past two decades. Some key speakers on hand to address a host of topics are Klaus Toepfer, United Nations Undersecretary General and Executive-Director of the UN Environment Program; Lester Brown, Founder and President of the Earth Policy Institute; Dr. Rajendra Pachauri, Director General of the Energy and Resources Institute and Chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change; Dr. Hermann Scheer, Member of the Bundestag and German House of Parliament, and Council Chairman of the World Council of renewable energy in Germany. He was one of the main forces behind the German government’s highly successful renewable energy program. These speakers will highlight the world’s foremost meeting of scientists, engineers and decision makers involved in the advancement of solar and renewable energy technologies throughout the world. This is a trade show after all, so in addition to the many speakers and papers to be presented throughout the event, there will also be many companies and technologies on display. RenewableEnergyAccess.com will highlight select products through our newly-designed Product News section on our Web site. Updates will be available throughout the conference which runs until Friday, August 12. To stay up to date, we recommend you regularly check the following link for these live updates. For more information on the 2005 Solar World Congress, see the second of two links.
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