1BOG Partners with SunRun & REC Solar

One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) is taking the first step towards regional and possibly national expansion with the launch of its popular community program in Los Angeles. 1BOG also announced that REC Solar will be the installer for its Los Angeles program. 1BOG, which aggregates and represents the interests of solar consumers, launched its first community program in San Francisco, followed very quickly last year with expansion into the entire Bay Area.

Riding on the success of its past programs, 1BOG has partnered with residential solar service leader SunRun to provide additional benefits to its members. 1BOG participants who choose SunRun won’t have to pay to purchase or maintain solar equipment. Instead, they’ll pay SunRun for solar electricity that includes the 1BOG group discount.

“People like a great price per watt, but they want to be able to get solar with as little money down as possible and they also want to know they are going with a trusted installer who installs high quality products. Solving these needs is our responsibility as advocates of our members and we believe that our new partnership with SunRun is going to be exactly what our members want,” said Steve Newcomb, CEO of Virgance, which runs the 1BOG program.   

1BOG’s new partnership with REC Solar is the result of an RFP process to choose a partner in the region. The partnership enables 1BOG’s members to get REC Solar installations for as little as US $1,000 down, where previously consumers have had to pay more that $15,000 to get the same systems, even after state rebates.

“One of 1BOG’s greatest responsibilities is to look out for our members’ interests by choosing a high quality installer. Most people don’t yet know who’s who in the industry and one of most important services we provide is using our expertise to choose quality installers with the highest level of customer service, and we are proud to have chosen REC as our partner in Los Angeles,” Newcomb said. 

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