1BOG Launches Phoenix Buying Campaign

One Block Off the Grid (1BOG) announced the launch of Phoenix’s first community solar buying campaign. By signing up online for free membership to the Phoenix 1BOG community, homeowners can receive solar panels at only US $5.70 per watt from local installer partner, REC Solar.

For each campaign that it organizes, the 1BOG team spends one month choosing a solar installation partner to service the local area, closely examining each company’s past installations, solar products and warranties. Then, by organizing interested homeowners into a solar buying group, 1BOG can negotiate a hefty group discount package for the community from the installer partner.

1BOG has selected REC Solar as partner for the Phoenix program. REC Solar’s discount for the 1BOG Phoenix community can save members more than $6,000 for an average-sized system. In addition to this discount, 1BOG’s Phoenix customers will be able to take adavantage of solar rebates of up to three dollars per DC watt from local utilities.

“We are thrilled to partner with REC Solar to save money and time for Phoenix homeowners who want to buy solar panels through the 1BOG Phoenix campaign,” said Dave Llorens, Co-Founder and General Manager of 1BOG. “By making it easy for residents to buy and install solar panels, every 1BOG program earns trust in solar technology as an attainable, effective and affordable source of clean energy for our homes. 1BOG’s goal is to boost residential solar adoption from the current levels of less than one percent to a scenario in which solar energy becomes commonplace.”
The Phoenix 1BOG program is available now to local homeowners throughout the Greater Phoenix metropolitan area through December 20, 2009.

To hear more about 1BOG’s business model, check back with RenewableEnergyWorld.com next week when we’ll have an interview with Dave Llorens from Solar Power International.

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