State and federal initiatives increasingly promote energy equity

For clean energy to succeed on a broad scale, it must benefit all communities, not just affluent ones.

New report sheds light on residential solar adoption in terms of access and equity

Solar-adopter incomes presently skew high in all states, but, as with the national trends, that skew has diminished over time in most states. Lawrence Berkeley...

New survey shows solar installer confidence increased 60% in 2020

Installers expressed more confidence in the industry than in any previous Installer Survey, with just 18% of installers saying COVID-19 decreased their confidence.

Who really benefits from solar net metering?

Solar powered homeowners help everyone in their community through net metering, even their neighbors who still depend on the grid.

FERC Order 2222-A continues to be good news for renewable project developers

States with demand response programs no longer have the ability to opt-out similar to DERA order 2222.
Rooftop Solar

Solar project aims to deliver training and equity to North Minneapolis

Jacobson has partnered with multiple Black entrepreneurs on a plan to install solar on two dozen residential rooftops this year while also training neighborhood residents for clean energy industry jobs.

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