POWERGEN International 2022 Call for Speakers Now Open

From the Editor: Now more than ever, hospitals must be resilient

It’s been a tough year. Our lives have been tremendously altered because of a global pandemic that has taken almost 1.5 million human souls...

Smart inverters and mini-grids: has the grid of the future arrived in Africa?

In a small village in rural Tanzania, the final building block of the grid of the future may have arrived – the smart inverter....

Microgrids: The Future of Energy in Healthcare

December 3, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST / 11:00 AM CST / 9:00 AM PST / 5:00 PM GMT

In the United States, our grid infrastructure is aging.
How do ensure organizations that are critical to public well-being are protected?
Enter Microgrids
Microgrids are a solution to stabilize energy cost, increase resilience and lower carbon emissions. Microgrids enable critical facilities like hospitals to continue to operate at full capacity in emergency situations or power shutoffs. And now, with business model innovations like energy-as-a-service, accessing the benefits of a Microgrid have never been easier.

Raining Sun

Winners of AFSIA Solar Awards announced

The inaugural Africa Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) Solar Awards, organized in partnership with the Africa Energy Forum (aef), culminated in a grand show streamed...

Solar needs to be compensated for providing grid balancing services at the wholesale market...

As more solar connects to the transmission and distribution grid, solar developers should not lose sight of additional market compensation for the value they...
Ikea clean energy

IKEA Australia embarks on clean energy storage initiative

IKEA Australia today announced the launch of a clean energy storage initiative that will support the South Australian power grid, in addition to powering its Adelaide...

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