Microgrids bring first-time electricity access to 80,000 people in West Africa

The Movamba project -- which will add 1.3 megawatts of renewable energy capacity -- aims to increase system capacity and improve resilience by connecting directly to hospitals and clinics in rural Sierra Leone.

Puerto Rico microgrid at manufacturing plant to deliver renewables and resilience

Enel X to deploy a solar + storage-based microgrid at Eaton manufacturing facility to reduce environmental impact and support energy resilience for one of Puerto Rico’s largest employers.

Microgrids must be a part of the decentralization of electricity

The world should recognize and push for microgrids, and federations of microgrids, as the topology of the electricity infrastructure of the future.

Mitsubishi Electric acquires DER software company Smarter Grid Solutions

SGS' DER management system facilitates the integration of DER into markets and grids, including grid capacity management, interconnection, and energy as a service.

Solar and battery-powered mini-grids to bring electricity to 55,000 people in Nigeria for the...

PowerGen, a developer of on- and off-grid distributed energy said this week that it has secured long term project financing to connect 55,000 people to electricity in rural Nigeria

Solar + storage powered microgrid will enable Bad River Tribe to meet sustainability goals

Each facility will operate as an individual microgrid that will remain interactive with the utility and integrate with existing reciprocating generators as lower priority resources.

In Pictures: Building Canada’s largest remote solar + storage microgrid

Fort Chipewyan is an isolated community in Canada that is not connected to the main power grid. The community, which used to rely on...

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