Distribution grid operators are concerned that high penetration of connected distributed energy resources (DERs) could lead to grid instability and create outages at end-user sites, such as commercial buildings or industrial plants. “Today, we don’t fully understand grid behavior under varying DER conditions."

There’s a modern-day land rush afoot in the U.S. but it’s not for ocean-front property or parcels with panoramic mountain views. This land rush involves utility-scale solar developers hunting for the ideal locations to place acres and acres of solar.

Blockchain technology, and the variety of accompanying cryptocurrencies and tokens, appears to be a 21st century gold rush, replete with miners and speculation, and opening a new virtual frontier. Like the California Gold Rush, blockchain is luring villains as well as heroes, and fraudsters as well as entrepreneurs.

Pairing renewables with diesel and gas-fired generators to power remote and hard-to-access regions all over the world is rising trend for 2018 and beyond.