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renewable energy job creation

Forecast: 8 million energy jobs created by meeting Paris agreement

Quickly switching to renewables will create 5 million more jobs by 2050 than sticking to fossil fuels will, according to projections.
cybersecurity renewable energy

‘There’s a gap’: A cybersecurity expert’s advice for renewable energy

A cybersecurity expert offers four key tips for renewable energy asset owners, who face an increased risk of attacks.
california solar tax credits

California passes ‘much needed’ fix for solar project financing

California lawmakers passed a bill to extend a property tax exemption to solar projects that change ownership through the "partnership flip" financing structure.
Public land renewable energy projects

BLM considers revisions to public land regulations for renewable energy

The Biden administration has started the process of revising public land regulations for renewable energy projects, a move that advocates say could cut costs for wind and solar project developers.
duke energy greenhouse gas emissions

Duke Energy can cut emissions by 74% by 2030. Here’s how

If Duke Energy avoids natural gas capacity additions and adds renewable energy and energy storage under a proposed North Carolina law, the utility could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 74% over the next decade, according to a study.
Paris Climate Agreement

Electrification ‘not enough’ to meet Paris climate goals, consultant says

The new report called the coronavirus pandemic a "lost opportunity" to speed up the pace of the energy transition.

MISO leads in renewable energy interconnection

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator is making it easier to connect renewable energy resources to the grid.
Net Zero Carbon vs Neutral Emissions

What’s the difference between net-zero and carbon-neutral policies?

Two seemingly interchangeable terms often seen are ‘Carbon Neutral’ and ‘Net Zero Carbon’. The two, however, are not the same thing.
montana renewable energy city

Montana’s renewable energy city coalition grows

Helena, Missoula, and Bozeman, Montana have joined a city coalition committing to 100% renewable energy.

What effect will the “Code Red” climate report have on COP26?

Of all the COP series so far, this one is undoubtedly the most important in history. Let’s hope our leaders use the opportunity to rewrite our future.