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Clean Energy Group announces retirement of Lewis Milford as President; Seth Mullendore named successor

Clean Energy Group announces the retirement of Lewis Milford, its founder and president. His retirement will become effective on December 31, 2021. Seth Mullendore, CEG’s vice-president, has been named as the new Executive Director.

The second wave of renewables is here. What did we learn with the first?

Billions of dollars of investment flowing into renewable energy. A President pushing for solutions to combat climate change. Innovative technologies challenging the status quo. This is all very current, but it’s also exactly what...

Since 2018 law, Iowa utilities are doing a lot less to help customers save...

Iowa’s largest utilities have dramatically scaled back efforts to help customers conserve energy since a 2018 law gutted the state’s efficiency requirements.

Digging deeper: How US sanctions on Chinese PV may impact the market

The U.S. is taking a multifaceted approach to addressing forced labor allegations against Chinese suppliers of silicon and polysilicon. This article assess the impacts for the solar panel supply chain by Ginger T. Faulk On June...

State ROFR laws are holding back transmission buildout in MISO and must go away

There are multiple opportunities for transmission buildout at MISO but limited prospects for independent transmission companies. Opportunities in favor of transmission include policy planning projects to interconnect renewable projects, the need for reliability in...

US state lawmakers should consider the benefits of community solar

As renewable energy continues to grow at a rapid pace, community solar will remain an incredibly powerful tool for policymakers to benefit local communities across their states
wind farm

Wind farms bring windfalls for rural schools, but school finance laws limit how money...

The spread of wind energy in rural America has been a financial boon to school districts such as the one in Blackwell. However, because of the complexity of how schools are financed, the impact on student achievement is limited, according to a new study that we conducted as researchers in public finance, education economics and energy policy.
Colorful Colorado

Colorado Governor signs law to define some pumped hydropower as renewable

Colorado Governor Jared Polis has signed a HB21-1052, Define Hydroelectricity as Renewable Energy, concerning the inclusion of pumped hydroelectric energy generation in the definition of “eligible energy resources” for purposes of meeting Colorado’s renewable...

A new plan is underway to equip ‘super rural’ households in Malawai with pay-as-you-go...

SolarAid will equip every household in Ntchisi, a largely off-grid district in central Malawi, with pay-as-you-go solar home systems and provide access to a period of free lighting.

Illinois legislation could free towns from dirty power but not the payments

A controversial Illinois coal plant that has locked municipalities across the Midwest into financially crushing contracts could be forced to close within a decade under proposed state clean energy legislation.