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Seeking solar power for all Puerto Rican homes

Residents of Puerto Rico are ready for energy democracy. Specifically, a resilient, renewable electricity system with equitably shared benefits.

Key steps for wind turbine power performance testing

Running power performance tests (PPTs) on operational assets is a highly complex task that requires a significant amount of experience. 
solar pv recycling

Biden’s proposed increase in solar power would remake the US electricity system

President Joe Biden has called for major clean energy investments as a way to curb climate change and generate jobs.

The true cost of climate change inaction

We are drastically underestimating the social cost of carbon – the total social and environmental damage that will result per ton of carbon dioxide emitted.

World EV Day: Why fleets might go electric before you do

While consumer vehicles take up most of the headlines, the electrification of fleet vehicles is poised to take EVs to the next level.
solar pv recycling

Solar PV’s recycling opportunity

Materials used in solar panels could be worth $2 billion a year by 2050, with the amount of decommissioned cells reaching 80 million metric tons.
FERC renewable energy interconection

FERC wants to hear directly from renewable developers on interconnection and transmission planning

Developers should ask FERC to mandate RTO studies and tools to reduce the speculative nature of site selection.
FERC renewable energy interconection

Pandemic hasn’t slowed down large solar project development

Fears that the COVID-19 pandemic would substantially slow the development of utility-scale solar generation appear unfounded, at least for seven of the country’s biggest projects.
Net Zero Carbon vs Neutral Emissions

What’s the difference between net-zero and carbon-neutral policies?

Two seemingly interchangeable terms often seen are ‘Carbon Neutral’ and ‘Net Zero Carbon’. The two, however, are not the same thing.

MISO leads in renewable energy interconnection

The Midcontinent Independent System Operator is making it easier to connect renewable energy resources to the grid.