Xantrex Solar Inverters Power Net-Zero Building

Xantrex Technology’s solar inverters were chosen by GeoGenix LLC for a renewable energy project that powers a construction company headquarters and sells surplus electricity back to the utility grid. The system turned the facility into a high-performance “Net Zero Electric” building.

Xantrex supplied two 100-kilowatt (kW) PV Series commercial inverters, key system components that convert DC power, produced by solar panels covering the construction company’s rooftop, to sustainable AC power to enable full functionality of the building’s electrical and HVAC systems while providing a positive return on the company’s investment. “With Xantrex inverters providing 100 percent availability, we were able to exceed Zero Energy standards,” said Gaurav A. Naik, Director, at GeoGenix LLC. The Ferreira Construction Company will save approximately 245,000 kWh per year — a 65 percent reduction, making it the first “Net Zero Electric” new commercial building in the eastern U.S. The building also has solar thermal domestic hot water, full radiant heat, a condensing boiler plant, and integrated web-based building controls. The building’s monitoring system can be viewed by the public using the top two links below. “Facilities like the Ferreira building showcase how sustainable practices can be put into action and provide a positive net economic benefit to companies willing to invest in these technologies,” said Xantrex CEO John Wallace.
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