Wind Turbine for Urban Environment

The quietrevolution QR5, a helical wind turbine made for the urban environment, will soon be available in the United States. The twisted blades are designed to eliminate noise and vibration while capturing turbulent, shifting winds. The QR5 has only one moving part, making it easier to maintain. At five meters high and three meters in diameter, the turbine will integrate with many types of structures. The product will be displayed at the Wired NextFest in New York from September 27th to October 1st.

Physical dimensions: 5m high x 3.1m in diameter Generator: Direct drive, mechanically integrated,weather sealed 6kW permanent magnet generator Power control: Peak power tracking constantly optimizes turbine output for all sites and windspeeds Operation mode: Max wind speed: 16m/s; Min wind speed: 4m/s Design life: 25 years (annual inspections recommended) Rotor construction: Carbon fiber and epoxy resin blades and connection arms Brake and shutdown: Overspeed braking above 14m/s wind speed, auto shutdown in high wind speeds (above 16m/s) Roof mounting: Minimum recommended height above buildings: 3m Tower mounting: Minimum mast height: 9m to bottom of blades. Demountable models are also available for temporary installations Remote monitoring: Event log can be accessed via PC. Remote monitoring stores operation and kW hours of electricity generated Warranty: Two years on components Cost of turbine: $47,000 Installation cost: Around $10,000 depending on the site
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