Wind Farm To Be Built in Western Kansas

Sunflower Electric Power Corporation and Renewable Energy Systems (RES), an international wind farm developer, will construct the Sunflower Electric Wind Farm in Wichita County, near Leoti, Kansas.

Hays, Kansas – February 18, 2003 [] Sunflower will purchase the first 30 MW of electricity produced by the project that has been designed to produce up to 100 MW as additional customers join the project. The first phase of construction is scheduled for completion by the end of 2003, but is subject to the approval of the Rural Utilities Service (RUS) and the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC). Central Plains Power, LLC, a subsidiary of RES North America, LLC, RES’s U.S. development arm, working closely with the Wichita County Economic Development Corporation, will build the facility. The project is expected to have a workforce of approximately100 to150 construction jobs and as many as 10 permanent jobs. “As this project becomes a reality, we’re very thankful for the cooperation between RES North America and Sunflower, and we’re quite excited about the economic impact this project will bring to Wichita County,” said Sharla Krenzel, director of the Wichita County Economic Development Corporation. Tom Fair, development director for RES North America said he anticipated other regional utilities would join in the project to maximize its potential. When fully developed, the wind farm will be comprised of between 60 and 75 wind turbines mounted atop tubular steel towers over 200 feet in height, laid out in rows on a 6,000 acre project site. The site, located in eastern Wichita County, is entirely cultivated farmland, which Fair says is ideally suited for wind farm development. “Our studies and consultation with agencies indicates very low environmental sensitivity. Extensive wind monitoring has proved that there is an excellent wind energy resource, and with Sunflower’s large transmission line already passing through the area, there is no need to build any new overhead high voltage power lines for the project.”
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