Web 2.0: Connecting the Renewable Energy Community

The renewable energy industry is leading one of the most important technological shifts in the history of mankind. In many ways the distributed, democratic nature of the envisioned renewable energy infrastructure mimics the internet; however, many businesses within the industry still have not figured out how to effectively use the internet to market their products, craft their message and build their brand.

In this podcast, we’re talking with some innovative companies and individuals about “Web 2.0” concepts and how they’re using open-intelligence platforms, social networking sites and new media to create business opportunities and spread the message about renewable energy.

JP Ross of Sungevity.com talks about how the company’s online-only sales model will drive down the installed cost of solar.

Chris Beekhuis of Fat Spaniel Technologies tells us how the company’s new open-intelligence data monitoring system will help bring renewables to the masses.

Deep Patel of GoGreenSolar.com discusses the importance of blogging and describes how to make business contacts on social networking sites.

Joel Bush of RenewablePost.com talks about the best way for companies to approach the multi-media environment enabled by the web.

And Joel Makower of Greener World Media tells us about how the evolution of social networking and new media will make for better business networking.

Also, thanks very much to Kamla Bhatt and WediaBuzz for the audio clips of Tim O’Reilly talking about Web 2.0 concepts.

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