Vestas Receives Turbine Orders from Spain, Turkey, China and Italy

Vestas announced last week that is has received orders for its turbines totaling more than 314 megawatts (MW). The turbines are meant for projects in Spain, Turkey, China and Italy.

Eighteen units of the V90-3.0 MW turbine and 25 units of the V90-1.8 MW turbine will be delivered for two projects in Spain. The contract comprises supply, installation, a VestasOnline Business SCADA solution, as well as a five-year service agreement. The order has been placed by EDP Renov√°veis. The wind turbines will be for projects located in Terra Alta in the province of Tarragona, Catalonia.

Twenty six V90-1.8 MW, 5 V90-3.0 MW, and 20 V90-2.0 MW turbines will be installed in Italy across the regions of Apulia and Molise. The order comprises supply and installation of the turbines, a VestasOnline Business SCADA system as well as a two-year service agreement. The order has been placed by IVPC Power 5, the project company of IVPC. Of this order, 62 MW of capacity will be installed in the region of Apulia and the remaining 40 MW will be installed in the Molise region.

Five units of the V90-3.0 MW wind turbine are meant for the Ayy?ld?z project located in the Bal?kesir province in the north-western part of Turkey. The order has been placed by Akenerji Elektrik Uretim A.S., a subsidiary of Akkok Holding.

One hundred and sixteen of Vestas’ V52-850 kilowatt wind turbines have been ordered for the Suniteyou
Wind Farm III and IV in Xilinguole City, China. The order was received from China Guangdong Nuclear Wind Power Co. Ltd.

All of the contracts call for the delivery of the wind turbines to take place in 2009.

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