University Tests Renewable Fuels on GM-donated Vehicles

Research on renewable fuel will take place at Clarkson University of Potsdam, New York, using a donated Chevrolet Silverado and a GC Sierra pickup provided by General Motors (GM), announced the GS AgriFuels Corporation. The goal of the project is to fuel the GM vehicles with 100% bio-derived diesel-like fuel.

Clarkson professor, Dr. Philip Leveson, working with ZeroPoint Clean Technology, has developed advanced biomass gasification and gas to liquids systems that allow a wide range of biomass feedstocks and municipal waste streams to be converted to carbon-neutral transportation fuel. The technology, which can gasify virtually any plant-derived material and convert the resultant gas into electricity, valuable fuels and other chemicals, has the potential to empower every community to create its own biomass energy infrastructure. Initially, the GM vehicles will operate using several blends of the biomass-derived fuel and conventional petroleum-derived diesel fuel, while monitoring energy throughput and emissions to demonstrate the performance of the system. Using facilities available through Clarkson’s Center for Air Resources Engineering and Science, Professor Philip K. Hopke and Suresh Dhaniyala will lead the energy and emissions monitoring activity. “We believe the project will illustrate the ability to fuel GM vehicles with economically feasible biomass fuel,” said Greg Schaffer, plant manager, GM Powertrain Massena. “We are thrilled with this vital support from GM. GM will expand our capabilities to convert biomass into useable fuel and assist in the advancement of alternative energy technologies,” said Tony Collins.
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