Tendril Introduces Next Phase of TREE System

This week at DistribuTECH 2009 in San Diego, Tendril, a provider of open, demand side residential energy management solutions for the utility industry, announced the latest version of its Tendril Residential Energy Ecosystem (TREE) platform.

The new TREE system includes multiple new features and added interoperability that are designed to further engage consumers in smart energy programs and provide an extensive Demand Response (DR) platform for utilities and energy retailers, the company said.

New benefits include:

  • For Utilities:
    • Extended value through enhanced DR and dynamic pricing programs
    • Improvements to utility and back-office system user interfaces
    • Ability to push out updates Over-the-Air or Over-the-Internet
    • Additional DR and load control reporting and monitoring, leading to improvements in predictive modeling for utilities to better forecast scenarios and avoid brownouts or other emergency grid preservation tactics
    • Increased interoperability with third-party thermostats, backhaul environments such as Itron and SSN and ERT integration
    • Enhanced support for backhaul environments and legacy metering systems
  • For Consumers:
    • Significant increase in amount of information and visualization for consumers through Tendril Vantage, the consumer Web portal and Tendril Insight, the interactive in-home display, including up-to-the minute demand response (DR) data and ambient conditions such as weather
    • One-touch demand response opt-out function, allowing consumers to easily and hassle-free override a DR event
    • In development, the addition of consumer-controlled and pre-packaged rules (such as home/away settings) to automate and regulate thermostats and other devices remotely via the Web and mobile devices

As far as interoperability with solar and other renewable energy systems is concerned, the TREE system is capable of providing information about the amount of electricity a homeowner is reciving from a renewable energy system. The TREE platform can then be used to tell the utility, “when solar is not providing X% of my energy, turn off devices in my home.

For more information on the TREE system and for pricing information, click here.

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