Technip & Mannvit to Develop Geothermal Projects in US

Technip has entered into a partnership with Mannvit to develop major geothermal developments in the United States. This partnership, which is effective immediately, will use the resources of Technip’s operating center in Claremont, California.

The objective of the agreement between Technip and Mannvit is to offer geothermal project developers and their financers with a single point source of responsibility for projects.

This responsibility would include consulting, studies, financial engineering, project management, risk management, exploration and production drilling engineering services, as well as engineering, design, procurement, construction management and power plant start-up services.  
Geothermal power is generated by extracting hot steam from natural geothermal reservoirs residing at relatively shallow depths in the earth’s crust. Installed geothermal capacity is about 10 gigawatts (GW) worldwide, with the U.S. leading with 3 GW installed.


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