Suzhou Omnik New Energy will participate in Australia ENERGY 2012

It is reported that Suzhou Omnik New Energy Co., Ltd. is going to participate in the Australian  most influential PV Exhibition (Australia ENERGY 2012) on October 10-11, 2012, which will be held in Melbourne, Australia. The well-known photovoltaic enterprises at Australia will participate in this event.

This exhibition, Omnik will demonstrate the newly developed three-phase inverter products, the (Omniksol-13K-TL/ Omniksol-17K-TL / Omniksol-20K-TL). The series has the following characteristics:

1, the maximum efficiency can reach 98.2%, European efficiency of 97.8%;

2, two MPPT tracking, the tracking accuracy up to 99.9%;

3, IP65 design of product can meet the requirements of normal operation under the variety of evil conditions of the outdoor;

4, DC switch integrated design, to address security issues for users;

5, the communication uses a flexible input and output connections, support RS485, Ethernet and USB communication interfaces;

6, transformless and high power-intensive design, make the product lighter, easier to install.

In addition, the wireless monitoring equipment Omnik will show out in this exhibition will make your eyes bright. The guests at the show will see the work members how to use a variety of monitor equipment monitoring a single inverter which is generating solar inverter electricity. And it can also give your spot to experience the fun of WiFi, GPRS, PMB and other monitoring equipment to bring you.

The Omnik will provide you with the highest quality of exhibits, the best furnishings, the most intense feelings and the most attentive service. The public are welcome to visit and communicate.

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