Supplies of Renewable Energy are Wanted in U.S.

At least four requests to supply renewable energy in the United States have been issued.

United States, 2001-08-23 [] At least four requests to supply renewable energy in the United States have been issued: – The EPA wants a final report to determine the U.S. emission reduction impacts of PV generated electricity when PV systems are installed as building power supplies. RFP is expected to close by the end of August. Contact Sandra Licis at 513-487-2006;; refer to Sol# PR-CI-01-12087. – The U. S. Navy wants to examine geothermal resources and would like to reach an agreement with private industry for up to 30 years for the development of geothermal resources located beneath Naval Air Station Fallon, Nevada. Pre-qualification is required. Contact Chris Henschel at 805-982-3872; refer to N47408-01-R-2231. – A solar powered remote monitoring system for water facilities at the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge in Yuma County, AZ. The estimated price range is between $25,000 and $100,000; responses are due August 13. Contact Ray Tomori at 505-248-6795,; refer to Sol#201811Q042. (CBD 7/13/01 – A $2 million DOE project requesting proposals for field testing of technologies to reduce energy consumption, enhance economic competitiveness, and reduce environmental impacts, specifically in the Industries of the Future industrial sectors. The objective of the solicitation is to find ways to mitigate the risk to industries of accepting and using emerging technologies developed by IOF. Up to five cooperative agreements are anticipated with DOE funding estimated at $2 million and a 50 percent cost share required. Responses due by October 19; contact Wade Hillebrant at 208-526-0547;; Refer to Sol# DE-PS07-01ID14181.


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