SunRun Brings Solar Leasing to New Jersey

SunRun this week announced its expansion into New Jersey. With SunRun, homeowners will get solar panels installed for as little as US $500, and then pay a low fixed rate every month for the solar electricity, allowing them to save money while enjoying clean electricity.


The monthly solar payments for a typical three-or four-bedroom home in New Jersey start at $50 per month. All SunRun customers receive an annual money-back performance guarantee in addition to professional-grade monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and insurance, making it simpler than ever to get clean electricity.

Thousands of homeowners in California, Arizona, Massachusetts and Colorado currently get solar energy from SunRun. Last month, SunRun secured a commitment of tax equity from a subsidiary of U.S. Bancorp that will help the company develop $90 million in residential solar installations in 2010.

In New Jersey, SunRun will partner with Mercury Solar Systems and Trinity Solar. SunRun expects the residential solar industry to add as many as 300 new jobs in 2010 and 1,200 new jobs by 2012, many of them at SunRun’s partners.



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