Solar PV Laminates to Power Two California Schools

United Solar Ovonic, subsidiary of Energy Conversion Devices (ECD), has supplied 420 kilowatts (kW) of photovoltaic (PV) laminates to installer 3rd Rock Systems & Technologies, Inc. to power two Solar School Projects at Yuba City United School District and Alpine Union School District.

River Bend Elementary School, scheduled to open in Fall 2007, will house a 300 kW (DC-rated) PV system permanently adhered to standing-seam metal rooftops on 15 buildings, including 10 portable classrooms. The system will consist of 2,362 flexible UNI-SOLAR 136 and 68 watt “peel and stick” field-applied PV laminates. “The excellent high-temperature performance of UNI-SOLAR triple junction thin-film laminates is expected to maintain maximum system performance during the hot summer days typical of California’s central valley,” said Vijay Israni, CEO of 3rd Rock Systems. “The DC electricity generated from the laminates will feed through three Satcon 75 kW inverters and one Satcon 50 kW inverter to supply AC power to the school’s main electrical service,” Israni added. Pleased with the results from a 34 kW pilot PV system installed in 2004 by 3rd Rock Systems, the Alpine Union School District for the Joan MacQueen Middle School decided to move ahead with an additional 120 kW PV system. “We chose UNI-SOLAR products for the add-on system because the thin-film laminates require absolutely no mounting hardware and add no significant weight to the existing roof,” said Israni. Both schools will feature a 3rd Rock Systems proprietary Internet-based performance monitoring system, which will double as a teaching tool with interactive learning modules designed to help educate the students, teachers and the entire community about the benefits of renewable energy technologies.
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