SeaWest WindPower Spins Off Business

SeaWest Holdings Inc., the parent company of SeaWest WindPower Inc. has spun off its former SeaWest WindPower Data Services Group into a new independent entity named Prasentia.

San Diego, California – May 20, 2003 [] Prasentia, which means “in the presence of wind, power, and knowledge,” was formed in order to provide wind energy project owners, operators and turbine manufacturers with industry-leading information systems, tools, and data analyses. It provides transparent and independent turbine, project and portfolio analyses, including integrated best-of-breed Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Condition Based Monitoring systems, enhanced Reporting & Data Analysis, Wind Power Production Forecasting, and Comparative Performance Benchmarking applications to third-party operators, asset managers, project owners, financiers, turbine manufacturers, power marketers, and utility operations engineers managing wind farms. Prasentia currently supports 18 projects in North America, totaling nearly 450MWs. “In a market where return on assets is absolutely critical, we believe decision-making and timely execution are the keys to success,” said Christian Engsted, chairman of SeaWest WindPower Inc. “Whether operating a wind farm, gas turbine power plant, a refinery or a pulp and paper mill, countless decisions – whether right or wrong – are based on the information available at hand. Therefore, it must be real time and it must be 100 percent reliable. The Prasentia system ensures confidentiality, security of data and real time access anywhere, any time.” “With the increasing size of turbines and projects, availability factors have a tremendous impact on the bottom-line economics for wind farm owners and operators. Further, from the utility integration perspective, the ability to provide real-time project performance and production forecast data to their scheduling and trading desks is of tremendous value. As a result, robust Information Systems are more critical than ever to the successful, profitable operation and integration of wind power projects,” said David C. Roberts, Prasentia’s president. Founded in 1982, SeaWest WindPower has installed nearly 3,300 turbines totaling 830 MW in the U.S. and Europe, and actively develops projects throughout the United States. SeaWest Asset Management Inc. currently has nearly 450 MW under operations and maintenance.
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