Schott Supplies PV System to Environmental Center

Schott Applied Power Corporation (SAPC) has announced that the Puget Sound Environmental Learning Center (PSELC) on Bainbridge Island, Washington, won an AIA COTE Top Ten Green Project Award for a project that included a 23 kW SAPC solar array.

BAINBRIDGE ISLAND, Washington – May 13, 2002 [] The PSELC project will be on display at the 2002 AIA National Convention and Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina. SAPC was chosen to design, supply and install the 23 kW, roof-mounted PV system, which produces enough power to run the Learning Center building. SAPC also provided a data acquisition and monitoring package as part of the project. The software and hardware package enables the learning center to graphically monitor their system’s solar energy production and to incorporate the data into their learning programs. “The photovoltaic panels will help children learn about resource conservation and alternative energy. We will be developing curriculum to help students understand where the energy they use comes from and how they can make informed choices on how much energy they use,” said Clancy Wolf, PSELC Technology Coordinator. Scheduled to open in the fall of 2002 the PSELC is a 255 acre complex of forests, wetlands and buildings that promotes hands-on leaning and environmental stewardship. The building was designed my Mithun architects.
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