REH Deploys Second CETO Prototype

Renewable Energy Holdings PLC (REH) has deployed a second CETO II Wave Energy prototype off the CETO test site, at Fremantle in Western Australia. The development follows the deployment of the first CETO II prototype unit in January and a third unit will be deployed in the near future.

The performance monitoring and design development for the project is scheduled to be completed by mid-April 2008 in advance of the deployment of a full-scale CETO III unit test that will complete the CETO development program in 2009. Following the agreement of the terms of a collaboration agreement between REH and EDF Energies Nouvelles SA that was announced in January, the two companies have been actively reviewing sites and planning for the roll-out of offshore wave power projects in the Northern Hemisphere to start 2009.

“Since the collaboration with EDF EN became effective in January we have been working closely to identify and evaluate sites for CETO projects in the Northern Hemisphere. To date we have found three potential sites that meet our criteria for site suitability, as well as being subject to a preferential remunerative regime, and we are investigating these opportunities further,” said Mike Proffitt, CEO of REH.

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