Recent Updates of Omnik Products

There have been quite some updates of Omnik solar power inverter products and services through our dedication to R&D and innovation:



1. Improved Solar Design website.

Added google map search function to locate the installed system, which will be enhanced by its mobile APP to get NASA data from GPS location in the next release. Added optimized calculation of tilt angle and pv panel cascade. Our solar design website is


2. Integrated WiFi module.

Integrated WiFi function means that no additional hardware is needed other than a conventional wireless router for the household to link the inverter into the monitoring system. Therefore, our solar power inverter customers can monitor the system status from the web or on their smart phones at anytime anywhere. Error messages can also be delivered to our technical support staff automatically, so that they can respond promptly to solve the problem even before the client picks up the phone. External WiFi/GPRS kits are also available as options.


3. APP for Iphone/Ipad.

Monitoring APPs have been released on Iphone/Ipad and APPs for Android system will be released soon as well. With mobile monitoring ability, our customers can check their solar power system at their finger tips anytime.

4. Three-phase inverters Certificates.

Our three-phase inverters (13kW, 17kW, 20kW) have been qualified for VDE0126 and CE certificates. With these models, Omnik consolidates its competitiveness further in both residential and commercial markets.

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