PV Powered Inverters Used for 2-MW of Projects

Inverter manufacturer, PV Powered has been selected by SPG Solar for two megawatt-scale installations in California.

The first of the two new installations is at a rice drying facility in Williams, California operated by the DePue Warehouse Company. This 1-megawatt (MW) system, installed in December 2009, includes four of PV Powered’s new 260-kilowatt (kW) commercial inverters.

The second project will install commercial solar power generation systems at up to 21 different facilities owned by the Irvine Unified School District. Depending on the facility, different PV Powered commercial inverters, from 30-260 kW in size will be used.

“We selected PV Powered inverters for these projects because we have determined them to be reliable in the long run, highly efficient, and cost effective to operate,” said Ted Walsh, SPG Solar vice president of business development. “Since we stand behind every system that we install, we rely on our trusted partners to stand behind their products too and PV Powered is an established manufacturer with a reputation for quality products and service.”

PV Powered said that there are a number of features its 260-kW inverter that make it a good choice for megawatt-scale commercial solar projects including its 97% efficiency and input voltage range (full power down to 265 VDC) as well as a customizable internal fused sub-combiner that enables units to be installed easily and efficiently.

The inverters also provide integrated support for third-party performance monitoring, which will be implemented in all of the SPG Solar installations.

“PV Powered ensures that our customers get maximum energy harvest by delivering inverters with the highest reliability over a 20+ year operating life,” said Erick Petersen, vice president of sales and marketing at PV Powered. “Our installed base of commercial inverters has been experiencing an uptime rate of 99.9% – consistently better results than any other commercial inverter supplier in the industry has delivered. With this track record, we look forward to working with leaders like SPG Solar on many successful commercial projects in the future.”

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