Phönix SonnenStrom AG Gains US$14 million Contracts To Expand PV In Europe

European Union (EU) contracts worth nearly US$14 million are now up and running for the German company Phönix SonnenStrom AG to integrate Renewable Energy systems into the urban environment.

SULZERMOOS, Germany 2002-02-26 [] Under the first of two projects which got under way this year, seven project partners from Spain, Sweden and Germany are building one of the largest solar PV plants in Spain. It is a 1.15 MW photovoltaic electricity installation on the roof of a pergola in the Barcelona suburb of Besòs. Phönix SonnenStrom is responsible for planning and designing the architectural plant and for conceiving plans for monitoring the output. Nineteen partners from five European countries have joined forces for the second EU project where the aim is to maximize the development of Renewable Energy use in five different demonstration regions of Europe. Its hoped to win over the hearts and minds of local people for the potential in the use of different forms of Renewable Energy. It involves an ambitious plan to guarantee that the district of Fürstenfeldbruck near Munich goes to 100 percent Renewable Energy by the year 2030. The Fürstenfeldbruck plant has been conceived as a joint investment site. This will enable non-homeowners to invest in a solar power plant and produce their own electricity – a procedure widely practiced in Germany but scarcely known in other European countries. Phönix SonnenStrom’s task is to plan and construct a 50 kW solar plant in the Fürstenfeldbruck region and to develop standardized service packages in the area of finance, planning, administration and maintenance of photovoltaic plants. Under the EU contract, the German company will also be responsible for controlling output performance and for optimizing and visualizing public information about the electricity output. Phönix SonnenStrom AG was established in 1999 from the Phönix Solar Initiative of the League of Energy Users (Bund der Energieverbraucher). The company is active in five European countries with branches specializing in large-scale PV systems as well as integrating and acting as a distributor for solar modules and power inverters throughout Germany.
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