PacifiCorp Acquires Marengo Wind Energy Facility

PacifiCorp purchased the Marengo wind project, a 140.4-megawatt (MW) facility currently under construction near Dayton, Washington.

When completed in August 2007, Marengo, which will become part of the diverse resource mix used to supply electricity to PacifiCorp’s 1.6 million customers in six Western states, will house 78 wind turbines, each 1.8 MW, to be provided by Vestas-American Wind Technology, Inc., a subsidiary of Denmark-based Vestas Wind Systems A/S. After completion, Vestas will also provide operation and maintenance for two years. Marengo is being built on approximately 13,310 acres of agricultural land in Columbia County and will have a several hundred million dollar impact on the local tax base. Landowners whose property is used can expect rental payments over the life of the facility. Construction will create short-term employment opportunities, and the operation of the facility also will create a number of new jobs. “We intend to be a leader in the development of renewable energy in this region, and we value renewable resources as an important part of our generation portfolio,” said Greg Abel, chairman and chief executive officer of PacifiCorp. “Our recent success shows it can be cost-effective for our customers, good for the environment and beneficial to local communities.” With this announcement, PacifiCorp is 64 MW shy of reaching its goal of adding 400 MW of cost-effective new renewable resources to its generation portfolio by the end of 2007. This was a commitment made as part of MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company’s acquisition of PacifiCorp, finalized in late March 2006. The project was developed by a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Inc., and will be constructed by RES American Construction Inc. (a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Systems Americas, Inc.). “We’re pleased to play an important role in providing additional wind energy to this region,” said Craig Mataczynski, president, RES Americas. “Our partnership with PacifiCorp and Vestas illustrates how companies with the same goal can work together to successfully bring their expertise to the table for the benefit of consumers and the environment.”
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