Omnik new products attracted attention in Australia exhibition

Recently, Omnik New Energy took part in the Australian most influential PV exhibition All Energy 2012. Omnik displayed their new products, hybrid inverter and the real-time monitoring system, which were praised and favored by customers from different countries.


On this exhibition, the authorized distributors of Omnik, SUNOVA ENERGY and WEILLZ AUSTRALIA SOLAR PTY LTD, displayed our newly developed hybrid inverter Omnikhyd-3.0k-TL/5.0k-TL and the latest monitoring system and product applications, including WiFi/GPRS monitoring and the Omnik Solar App used for Iphone, Ipad and Android smart phone.


Omnikhyd-3.0k-TL/5.0k-TL is a hybrid inverter newly developed by Omnik, with maximum efficiency 97.6% and Euro efficiency 97.0%. The transformerless design makes the product more convenient and easier to install and operate. The Hybrid PV inverter adopts the wide MPPT range 150 – 400Vdc, which can be compatible with different module technologies. Besides, Omnik New Energy also showed the wireless monitoring equipment WiFiKIT/GPRS KIT and the monitoring App software designed by Omnik for the Iphone, Ipad and Android smart phone. The visitors are attracted by the real time monitoring and showed great interest.


On this All Energy exhibition, the Omnik staff displayed how to use these kinds of monitoring equipments to monitor a working inverter and let the customers experience the convenience and fun brought by the monitoring equipment and system.


All Energy 2012 has featured over 230 exhibitors from 15 countries, filling over 3,600+ m2 of floor space, making it the largest single meeting point for the clean energy sector in Australia. This participation not only creates a friendly communication space, but also expands the brand awareness of Omnik New Energy. It also promotes the company’s products and technologies, and transfers the Omnik’s business philosophy, which plays a foreshadowing role for the further development and further exploration of the Australian market of the Company. 


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