New Zealand Co. Probes Wind Farm Potential of 150MW

Mighty River Power has been selected by the Palmerston North City Council’s to investigate wind electricity generation potential at the Council-owned reserve land in nearby Turitea. The first step at Turitea is to install a monitoring mast that will collect data to determine the potential for the project.

“Early indications are the site may be suitable for a project of around 120 MW to 150 MW but we won’t know that until we have carried out detailed testing and monitoring,” said Doug Heffernan, Mighty River Power’s chief executive. “If the monitoring is favorable we would then progress to consultation on the proposed project. That consultation would include preparing detailed environmental assessments, making those available to the public and ensuring the public as well as other key stakeholders in the area have the opportunity to make their issues known. Following consultation we would then go to the consents phase. Assuming consents were granted, any construction would then take about 12-15 months to complete.” Mighty River Power’s commitment to wind generation is part of its strategy of looking at a wide range of fuel sources for generation to meet New Zealand’s long-term energy demand requirements. It is currently exploring wind, geothermal, thermal, gas and small hydro generation options.
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