New Solar Micro-Inverter Company Launched

Island Technology has launched a wholly-owned subsidiarycalled Direct Grid Technologies LLC. The new company will manufacture solar micro-inverters for residential and commercial photovoltaic (PV) applications.

Island Technology is a manufacturer of electric utility products and services. The first product from Direct Grid is a patent-pending, closed loop MOSFET planar micro-inverter design made specifically for thin-film type PV modules.

“Today’s PV systems can be unreliable and complex. We aim to leapfrog the competition currently in the marketplace and offer customers a true modular micro-inverter that permits scalable freedom,” said Frank Cooper, president of Direct Grid.

At the Solar Power International conference in late October, the company plans to initially launch the OEM Series and SMART Series micro-inverters for thin-film PV manufacturers and original equipment manufacturers interested in offering turnkey systems.

The OEM Series will consist of a stand-alone unit that converts DC to AC, enabling 200 or 300 watt power generation for direct connection on the grid. The SMART Series will incorporate additional communication functionality to enable theft prevention and remote monitoring.

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