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U.S. University Creates Laboratory for Energy and Environment

One of the more prestigious universities in the United States will strengthen its focus on energy and environmental problems.

New UPS System Uses Flywheel

Two companies in the United States will develop a 250 kW uninterruptible power supply.

British Wave Energy Firm Obtains Funding

A renewable energy company in Scotland has secured funding for its wave power technology.

United Nations Commission Hears Proposals for Renewables

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development has started its first multi-stakeholder dialogue session on achieving access to sustainable energy.

German Research To Reduce Costs for Solar Electricity

A Germany research organization has developed reference cells that will help to reduce the cost of using solar photovoltaic power.

Solar Energy Produces Hydrogen in California

Humboldt State University has started to completely retrofit the control system of a major solar energy facility that can produce hydrogen.

Polar Conference Calls for More Renewables

Delegates to a conference in Canada's Arctic want more action to encourage the use of renewable energy as a means to reduce the environmental damage in northern regions.

U.S. Solar Group Hires New Executive Director

The American Solar Energy Society has appointed a new staff executive director to run the organization.

Renewables Lab Wants Zero Energy Home Using Solar

The National Renewable Energy Laboratory will issue a Request for Proposals for up to $4 million in funding for a new project under the Solar Buildings Program.

U.N. Agency Wants Better Support from Governments

Renewable energy is high on the agenda of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), but the organization must be given the necessary resources and financial backing if it is to lead the environmental agenda into the new millennium.