Manage Clean Energy PV Incentive Apps

Government, power utilities, and other organizations with clean energy programs can process incentive applications, generate program reports, and analyze results using PowerClerk, an Internet-based software service developed by Clean Power Research and the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority.

“PowerClerk helps us monitor equipment and installation costs, making it easier for us to track market trends. Furthermore, it simplifies program reporting and data analysis and has even enabled us to post real-time program information on our website,” said Joseph Visalli, NYSERDA’s Director of Energy Resources, Transportation and Power Systems, and Environmental Research. NYSERDA’s work with Clean Power Research resulted from a project that yielded contracts with six teams or firms in renewable energy outreach, education, program data collection and analysis, and assisted in developing tools for NYSERDA’s Power Naturally website (where one can currently view real-time PV incentive program results). “We expect that NYSERDA’s efforts in developing PowerClerk will benefit many other programs and could even facilitate the integration of results from clean energy programs throughout the U.S.,” said Thomas Hoff of Clean Power Research. Clean Power Research’s web services tools are an offshoot from its Clean Power Estimator, an economic evaluation tool used to help quantify the costs and benefits of a solar electric system. PowerClerk uses the Clean Power Estimator.


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