Abengoa Set To Transfer CSP Technology to Maharishi Solar

Maharishi Solar Technology has reached an agreement with the Industrial (IST) Division of Abengoa Solar Inc. (ASI). As part of this association, Abengoa Solar will support Maharishi Solar Technology through technology transfers, training of their staff for design installation and operation of various industrial ventures.

This will be accomplished through providing engineering support and training in the sizing and design of solar thermal systems as well as in local and remote monitoring and diagnostics of solar systems for different applications.

“Indian Industry uses a lot of steam. Steam is a work horse of Indian Industry. With efficient solar power solutions we will help Indian Industry in cutting down their thermal energy costs as well providing a hedge against future fluctuations in fuel prices,” said Pradeep Khanna, MD, CEO of Maharishi Renewable Energy (MREL). “Partnering with Abengoa Solar has empowered us with the right technology that follows the vision of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to improve our performance and in turn quality standards of society at large by reducing carbon foot print and improving the quality of life of every one.”

Through this association, Abengoa Solar IST will transfer its technology for the production of solar energy for industrial applications of steam generation, solar air conditioning, hot water needs and other thermal applications. Abengoa Solar IST will also supply manufacturing and assembly drawings, component specification and quality control procedures for manufacturing and procuring items in India.

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