Kyocera Solar Introduces DC Solar Pump Line

Kyocera Solar, Inc. has announced the introduction of its new line of solar powered submersible DC pumps and pump controllers.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – June 7, 2002 [] The new pump line is ideal for remote locations such as cabins, livestock watering, villages and farms, where power from the utility grid is unavailable or unreliable. Kyocera’s diaphragm pump line, SD 6-35, SD 3-70 and SD 12-30, are the heart of inexpensive water pumping systems, requiring as few as one Kyocera photovoltaic panel for input power. Kyocera’s centrifugal pump line, SC 500 and SC 1000, pump water from greater depths and deliver larger quantities of water with solar generated electricity. The pump systems feature true Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) controllers (CD 300 and CC 1000). These controllers operate the solar panels at their peak power point to deliver the most power to the pump. This provides additional water per solar watt, resulting in more water over a greater percentage of the day. Also featured is a corrosion resistant water sensor, the SS-100, which senses the absence of water due to “draw down” in a well. The SS-100 ensures a pump will not run dry, preventing internal damage. Diaphragm pumps require yearly diaphragm replacement. Unlike models of the past and competitors’ pumps, the completely redesigned SD series require only two standard tools and minutes, rather than hours, before a system is once again delivering water. “Our new line of pumps are simple to specify, highly efficient, robust, and easy to maintain,” said Rob Collins, Manager of Research and Development. “No one else in the market can compete with us on these key points.”
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