Invest in Public and Private Renewable Energy Companies

Just one month after announcing the formation of Kyoto Planet Financial, one of its two business groups, Kyoto Planet Asset Management, launched the Kyoto Planet Fund, an open investment fund created for accredited individuals and institutions, targeting the burgeoning renewable energy and clean technology industries globally.

Recognizing that some of the renewable energy market is still in its infancy, one key aspect of the Kyoto Planet Fund is the blend of both public and private market investments. According to the company, many of the great investment opportunities are still privately held.

The company says that approximately 25% of Kyoto Planet Fund is targeted for private equity at any one time. This investment approach combines the liquidity of the public market with the opportunity of the private market.

“The clean technology and renewable energy industries offer investors a unique opportunity, both from a financial return perspective and as a way to help combat climate change,” said Craig Basinger, CEO of Kyoto Planet Asset Management. “We believe that we are in the early stages of a long-term trend towards increased renewable energy use.”

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