How to understand business energy wastage for lower bills

Inprova Energy has published a new eGuide to show businesses how to reduce energy costs via better monitoring and targeting of consumption management.

The free e-guide details four steps energy managers can take to understand and profile their organisation’s energy use. This will help inform their energy strategy and lead to lower bills.  

“If you think your energy bill is a fixed cost that’s out of your control, think again”, said Kerry Hamilton, Head of Energy & Environment for Inprova Energy. “By monitoring, analysing and understanding how you use energy, you can then understand where wastage may be occurring. It’s then possible to take action to reduce both the waste and the cost.”

She added: “Understanding energy consumption patterns is invaluable in developing strategic energy plans and forecasting demand, as well as informing contract renewal choices and improving bill validation. It can also help organisations move their energy load away from peak charging hours, as well as potentially generate revenue for entering the capacity market. All options will reduce energy costs.”

Download the Energy Manager’s Guide to Consumption Management.

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