HelioVolt and Exeltech Collaborate on CIGS-Enabled Solar Energy Systems

In a joint agreement between HelioVolt Corporation and Exeltech to commercialize turnkey systems for cost-effective solar energy generation, the two companies intend to develop streamlined systems for both conventional solar module and building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) products.

The collaboration will draw on HelioVolt’s proprietary FASST technology for rapid CIGS thin-film production and Exeltech’s core competencies in high-performance AC-power system design and manufacture. The resulting grid-interactive products will offer high volume manufacturing, simple installation and easier monitoring and maintenance throughout the system’s lifetime. “This collaboration is perfectly in line with our strategy to partner with best of breed organizations that can speed thin film enabled product to market,” said Dr. B.J. Stanbery, CEO and founder of HelioVolt. “The flexibility of the HelioVolt design lends itself perfectly to integration with Exeltech’s newest generation of grid-interactive products,” said Kevin Parsons, vice president and director of marketing for Exeltech. Development and manufacture of the planned solar energy systems will take place at company headquarters in both Austin and Fort Worth.
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