HelioPower & SunRun To Offer Solar for US $1000

HelioPower is bringing SunRun’s solar financing and service to its California residential customers. Under the agreement, SunRun will purchase home solar systems designed and installed by HelioPower for its customers, who will pay only a one-time installation fee, and then a fixed rate for the solar electricity produced by their system.

All SunRun customers receive money-back annual performance guarantees in addition to professional-grade monitoring, maintenance, repairs, and insurance, which remove the complexity and risk from going solar.

HelioPower, through its California offices, will offer SunRun to homeowners in the state.

“Our team is already moving homeowners to solar power through the HelioPower-offered SunRun financing plans,” said Scott Gordon, vice president or residential sales for HelioPower. “For as little as $1,000 out of pocket, our customers can lock in a low electricity rate for the next 18 years and save money every month. Imagine if you could have locked in your gasoline costs at $1 gallon or even $2 gallon? How much money you would be saving today? HelioPower’s offering of SunRun empowers us to accomplish this kind of energy savings with your electricity costs. We are very pleased to be working with SunRun to offer our customers an affordable means to go solar.”

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