GE Solar Modules Used in Large Korean Solar Project

[] GE Energy was recently selected by AstroKorea to supply its solar energy equipment to Nam Jeju-gun, the local government of Mara Island, Korea, for a new solar power installation. GE Energy provided 2,010 GEPV-75W solar modules for a total output of 150 kW. The modules were installed on open ground and provide power to the Mara Island grid. The system, which was commissioned in December 2005, can also work in conjunction with diesel generators and has remote monitoring capabilities. Mara Island is part of Nam Jeju-gun County and is located approximately 30 minutes from Jeju Island. The area is rapidly growing and is a popular honeymoon and vacation destination — the new solar power facility is expected to become a tourist attraction. AstroKorea, based in Seoul, was the general contractor for the project and Kwangdong Electronic Co. Ltd., a local Jeju Island-based company, installed the solar system.
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